Raising Prices

Driving down 294 South to Indiana I counted 5 huge billboard signs by a local window company and this is probably a small fraction of what they spend on their total advertising budget.  Creating sales volume through advertising and branding your name can cost companies huge amounts of money.  Add to this the cost of salaries, multiple locations, insurance and other fixed expenses you create an overhead that can be terrifying…

If the economy slumps as it has in the recent years these fixed expenses can put you out of business.  To cope with this dilemma sometimes these companies must resort to higher prices, high pressure sales and techniques and cheaper labor and material.  Nu Concepts Window Co has been in business for 25 years.   Most of our business if from referrals.  How many companies can make that statement?  We have used the same installers (who know and understand our design concept) for a minimum of 12 years.  One crew has been with us since the beginning.

Installing James Hardie Board Siding, Marvin Windows, building Porticos and Pergolas and creating curbside appeal takes skill.  We have outlasted several of our vendors and many of our competitors.

Designing exteriors for over 25 years should make us one of the premier choices for obtaining an estimate..



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3 Responses to Raising Prices

  1. Gary Rustick says:


    Its great to see you have started a blog… Angela and I have been enjoying our new James Hardie Siding and Custom Portico… I hope my friend David L. reached out to you..He is looking to purchase a whole house of vinyl windows and I told him “shop no longer” …You are the team to take care of him… Hope to see more of your curbside appeal homes in my neighborhood… Gary

    • Web Master says:


      This is Ken.. I monitor our blog typically and saw you sent us a comment.. First thanks for the referral and second not only did David reach out but he has purchased a whole house of Climate Solutions Vinyl Windows…His windows will be installed next week… I also received an email from his wife last week and they are now looking to maybe purchase a new wood front door… Again, thanks and as both Steve and I have said “Your House Looks Great”… Keep in touch, Ken

  2. Marvin Schneider says:

    Agreed! Look no further….Nu Concepts Windows also did a whole design of my house too! The representative came out and met with my wife and I and returned with a drawing of our home… Since then we have used them for siding, windows and a small portico on the side of our house… Keep up the good work guys….Marvin – Arlington Heights..

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