Mixing Products !

The core of our business has always been Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect and Barrington.  However, when we moved to Northbrook, IL. we seemed to get more involved in Kennilworth, Willmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, Glencoe and  Lake Forest, basically the North Shore of IL.  What I love about Lake Michigan aligned neighborhoods is the diverse custom architecture.  From bungalows to mansions, from tudors to colonials each offer a unique challenge in design and the incorporation  of product that finds natural comfort in these settings…

Sure I would rather install a custom Marvin Window with beautiful thick moldings in a 75 year old mansion than a Vinyl Window popped in, but price is many times a determining factor. For that reason alone sometimes a mixture of product is a good idea.  For example in a two story colonial the living room, kitchen, dining room and family room may require an old fashion looking wood window but the upstairs bedrooms can have Vinyl Windows with beautiful old fashioned thick moldings.  By using Vinyl Windows it can cut the cost of a Wood Window by 35%..

The Northshore , because of its architectural diversity, needs more than a pop-in window salesman.  It needs a company that provides experience in design as well as installation.  The cost for expertise comes with our products installation at no additional charge..

Thanks Steve…


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3 Responses to Mixing Products !

  1. Richard Rizzio says:

    Nice post, I had a window salesman at my house the other day and he didn’t recommend those options….. In fact I haven’t even received my quote from him yet… I am contacting your company immediately… Rich

    • Web Master says:


      Thanks for contacting us this morning… I look forward to meeting you and your family this week to go over your project…Ken

  2. Gloria says:

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