Early on it seemed we were the only company installing siding and windows in Arlington Heights.  We literally have completed jobs on every street.  Our job list for Arlington Heights lists over 1,000 jobs.  The Daily Herald ran two major full page editorials about Nu-Concepts.  The referrals were coming in one after another.  This went on for about ten years and then slowly shifted to Barrington.  Why, I don’t know.  The Fox Point area of Barrington slowly started to take over.  Now, it seems Lake Forest is slowly discovering why Nu-Concepts can be so successful working and staying in one area.  Rave reviews, referral and neighbors noticing the difference quality can make.  It is fascinating how Nu-Concepts Window and Siding Company keeps getting rediscovered.  I love Lake Forest.   The people are receptive to our old fashioned approach to making their home look original again.  (Note I said original not new)  Charm is essential!

We just recently completed a job on Beverly using 9 ¼ James Hardie siding, white smooth clapboard.  It turned out gorgeous, totally appropriate for an antebellum style colonial.  The columns were completely rebuilt and we added louvered southern style shutters.

Lake Forest here we come! Be on the lookout.  We are about to start jobs on Harlan Court, Green Bay Road and East Linden.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    We live in Arlington Hts and have seen your beautiful work… We are amazed by the way your transform homes in our area.. We hope to see you working in our area soon.. Thanks for your hard work….!

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